Comprehensive Custom Health Solutions for Companies & Corporations to Promote Employee Wellness

corporate wellness

Employees are a corporation’s greatest asset.  Maintaining and improving their health and wellness with comprehensive custom health solutions is paramount as people are the essence of any corporation.

The benefits of offering and promoting corporate health & wellness programs in the workplace:

  • Decreased Costs
  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Job and Employee Satisfaction
  • Improved Employee Retention
  • Enhanced Office Community

Corporate Health & Wellness Workshops

Providing education to employees specifically on how to improve eating habits, reduce stress, and increase healthy lifestyle activities like cooking and exercise.  Workshops include education on how to implement better nutrition and life choices to create a healthier life, produce a more efficient day, and reduced stress in the work environment. It serves as a first step in allowing improvement in workplace health, and therefore experience many of the benefits described above.

Health & Wellness Workshops are a fun and informative forum for the discussion of healthy living utilizing an interactive approach to facilitate active learning and individual empowerment. This approach allows participants to engage in discussion and interact with other attendees through various exercises and brainstorming. Participants also receive valuable handouts and giveaways to take with them, furthering their knowledge after the workshop.

The workshop is one hour in length and may be presented at multiple times to allow for the varying schedules of your employees. A small group format of 25 to 30 participants is recommended per workshop session.  A series of 21 corporate health & wellness workshop topics are available to choose from as well as customized workshops based on an organization's needs.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Programs

Nutrition and lifestyle coaching programs are a cost-effective solution to improve employee health, wellness and morale while decreasing your organization’s health-related costs. Employees will learn how to make better food and lifestyle choices, improving their physical and mental well-being.  Employees work with a Certified Health Coach who serves as a guide and mentor empowering them to take responsibility for their health and support them in making positive sustainable lifestyle choices improving their lives and the culture of the company.

The following nutrition & lifestyle coaching programs for employees are offered on an individual or group basis:

  • Employee Wellness Coaching Days
  • 12 Week Individual or Group Employee Wellness Coaching Program

Group Detox, Cleanse and Weight Loss Programs

Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual Find Your Fit Challenges for employees wanting to look better, feel better, increase energy, lose body fat, and improve their health and wellness.  Over the course of 1, 3 or 12 week weight loss and wellness coaching program employees learn the key elements to permanent weight loss which are eating an anti-inflammatory low glycemic index diet, incorporating exercise you enjoy, changing the perception of yourself using lifestyle and behavior modification with journaling and a positive mental outlook.

  • 7 Day Detox - Clean Eating Cleanse
  • 3 Week Jump Start to a Healthy and Happy YOU
  • 12 Week Individual or Group Employee TLS Weight Loss Program

Massage Therapy Days

Corporate Massage Therapy Days provide employees who work long hours sitting at their desks with the opportunity to experience 10 to 20 minute chair massages as conducted by our Licensed Massage Therapists. Because physical stress – from neck and shoulder stiffness to lower back pain – is so endemic at the workplace, any easing of muscle tension is very much appreciated. Our Licensed Massage Therapists will work out the knots and tightness that distract workers from performing at their best. At the end of every session, each employee will be told about those areas that most needed attention.

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